Shipping Baked Goods

Most bakeries want to expand their reach by selling baked goods online. As a bakery owner, you want your customers to receive intact, fresh, and safe-to-consume baked goods. 

Ensuring that your baked goods reach customers in one piece requires you to have a viable and safe shipping strategy.

Preparing Baked Goods for Shipping

Overnight shipping is the best option to preserve freshness when sending baked goods to customers. Below are the steps you should take when preparing baked goods for shipping.

Why You Should Use a Mailbox Rental as a Small or Medium-Sized Business

As a small business owner, you probably don’t want to receive business-related mail at your personal address. A mailbox rental comes with a real U.S. street address, and is a safe place to store and receive mail before retrieving it. 

Renting a mailbox will also help you project a more established and polished image of your business to your customers, and allow you to manage your business more efficiently.

What Are the Best Overnight Shipping Options at Parcel Plus

Many online shoppers love the option of fast deliveries and are willing to pay extra for it. Over the years, retail giants like Amazon have fed this need, altering customer expectations. Today, online shoppers expect 2-day delivery options whenever and wherever they shop. While this is great, it can be a problem for smaller, eCommerce brands; how do they stand out?  
This is where overnight shipping options come in handy. These options allow eCommerce brands to offer premium shipping experiences to last-minute shoppers. 

How to Ship to a Military Address

Shipping to a military address, whether it's an APO (Army Post Office), FPO (Fleet Post Office), or DPO (Diplomatic Post Office) address, requires a slightly different approach compared to shipping to a regular domestic or international address.

Military addresses are a vital link for service members stationed overseas, allowing them to receive packages and mail from their loved ones. Understanding the process and following the correct steps is essential to ensure your package reaches its intended recipient without any issues.

Different Types of Boxes and When to Use Them

After dedicating significant time and resources to marketing and sales efforts to close a deal, the last thing a business needs is to have a product returned due to damage sustained during transit. Choosing the right shipping box ensures that your products arrive at the customer's doorstep in good condition, minimizing customer complaints. 

The right packaging solution not only ensures safe and secure delivery of products to customers, but also helps businesses build a reputation for reliability. 

What Are the Different United States Postal Service (USPS) Zones?

Carriers use USPS zones to calculate the distance a package will travel from its point of origin to its destination. Shipping carriers use these zones to dictate the pricing contract for each package depending on the destination zone. The USPS shipping zone charts help shippers apply accurate rates to a package based on the weight, distance, and speed of delivery. Zones also vary according to different maps and different cities.

The USPS has eight shipping zones altogether based in the continental U.S. Here is a breakdown of these zones:

What Does Dispatched Mean in Shipping?

Items purchased online undergo various stages before you can actually receive it from the shipping company. The most necessary steps include confirmation of the order, dispatching, shipping, and delivery. However, most people get confused or wonder what "Order Dispatched" means in the shipping process.

If you have ordered a product and received a dispatching notification, here is the meaning of "Dispatched" or "Order Dispatched.”

How to Ship a Canvas or Painting

Shipping a canvas or painting can be a daunting task, but with the right kind of preparation and care, your artwork can be safely transported without any damage. 

Here are some tips on how to properly ship a canvas or painting:

How Parcel Plus Can Help Your E-commerce Business

The rise of the digital age has opened up many opportunities for individuals looking to start e-commerce businesses. The barriers to entry for the e-commerce industry have significantly decreased, making it possible for anyone to become an independent seller or engage in large-scale operations.

Everything You Need To Know About Shipping Coverage

If you are shipping a valuable item, you want to ensure that it reaches its intended destination safely and on time. That said, factors beyond your control, such as inclement weather, the shipping carrier you choose, the handling of cargo and packages and more, can impact the process. 

If your package is mishandled, damaged, or lost along the way, that leaves you with more work in communicating this to your customers and/or vendors. That’s why it’s best to always ship with a carrier offering shipping coverage.