As a small business owner, you probably don’t want to receive business-related mail at your personal address. A mailbox rental comes with a real U.S. street address, and is a safe place to store and receive mail before retrieving it. 

Renting a mailbox will also help you project a more established and polished image of your business to your customers, and allow you to manage your business more efficiently.

How a Mailbox Rental Can Help Your Small or Medium-Sized Business

Helps Keep Your Location Private

If you have a home office and don't want your clients to know that you work from home, you can use a mailbox rental service to receive your letters. A mailbox rental lets you receive all of your mail and packages while keeping your location private. 

It Gives You a Proper Mailing Address to List as Your Location

Your mailing address may influence how your clients view your business. For example, they are more likely to trust your business when you have a dedicated business address than if you were to use a home address. A mailbox rental gives you a proper mailing address to list as your location, even when you don't have a physical office. It offers the advantages of renting a physical office space without incurring costs and overheads. 

Maintain Your Addresses if You Move

If you frequently move around or have a vacation home in a different location, having someone else take care of your letters can be tedious. Changing your address through the post office can also be inconvenient and stressful. With a mailbox rental service, your address can change, but the mailing address remains the same. Therefore, you don't have to update clients with new mail addresses when you need to move. 

Mail Forwarding Options

Mail rental service allows you to forward your mail from an old address to a new one—you won't need to inform your customers about an address change. They will still be able to send mail to the old address, and the mailbox rental service will seamlessly forward the mail to the current address.

Receive Notifications on Packages and Deliveries

Nothing would be more convenient for a small or medium-sized business than receiving notifications immediately after you receive a package or delivery. It lets you respond to your clients promptly, improving customer support. If you were waiting for an important package, updates allow you to pick it up as soon as possible.

Have 24/7 Secure Access

Prevent identity and package theft with a secure mailbox. With a mailbox rental, you have round-the-clock access to your mail and the assurance that your mail items are secure. Mailbox rentals have 24/7 security, and your mail remains safe since they are stored inside the business mailbox until you pick them up. 

Mailbox Rentals at Parcel Plus

Renting a mailbox is a wise move for any small or medium-sized business. If you work from home, a mailbox rental enables you to create a professional image and enhance your business credibility. Find a Parcel Plus location near you to learn more about our services and how we can help.