Most bakeries want to expand their reach by selling baked goods online. As a bakery owner, you want your customers to receive intact, fresh, and safe-to-consume baked goods. 

Ensuring that your baked goods reach customers in one piece requires you to have a viable and safe shipping strategy.

Preparing Baked Goods for Shipping

Overnight shipping is the best option to preserve freshness when sending baked goods to customers. Below are the steps you should take when preparing baked goods for shipping.

  1. Packing the Baked Goods

    Whether you are shipping cupcakes or banana bread, you need excellent packaging. Safe and proper packing secures baked goods and ensures that customers receive a baked item in one piece. Here is a step-by-step guide on packaging baked goods: 

    1. Cool baked products before packing them.
    2. Secure every baked item using food liners, bags, or parchment paper to maintain freshness. Individual wrapping also curtails sticky products from conjoining. 
    3. Fill all voids and spaces in the package with foam, paper, or bubble packaging to eliminate any wriggle room. 
    4. Shake the package. Reopen the box and place extra cushioning if it makes a rattling sound. 
  2. Create a Great Unboxing Experience for Customers

    While most bakeries focus on product quality, how you present your baked products can set you apart from competitors. Memorable boxes help build excitement and enhance brand loyalty among customers. Here are some tips for giving your customers an unforgettable unboxing experience: 

    1. Use branded boxes for packaging. Branded boxes help build anticipation among customers. 
    2. Utilize attractive and environmentally friendly packing materials.
    3. Package your baked goods thoughtfully. For instance, you can use matching color schemes for the cushioning materials. 
    4. Offer free samples.
    5. Customize each package using personal touches, such as handwritten notes.
    6. Insert branded stickers, coupons, or new product promotions. 
    7. Mark the product as perishable and indicate its expiration date. 
  3. Freeze Before Shipping

    Freezing baked good before shipping will help preserve their freshness. For example, cookies freeze well without any changes to their consistency and flavor. Quick-freezing bread also maintains its freshness by minimizing the yeast's ability to make it stale; quick-freezing also creates an even inside without discoloring the crust. 

  4. Select an Ideal Shipping Service

    As a bakery owner, you want to ship baked goods in the shortest time possible to keep them fresh. You have the option to choose two-day, overnight, or next-day shipping to maintain the freshness of temperature-sensitive baked items. Before choosing a shipping service, it’s also important to determine the weight of your packages.

Tips for Keeping Baked Goods Fresh

  1. Formulate a Shipping Schedule

    A shipping schedule should outline the time it takes to fulfill a customer's order. You can cut down on orders that contribute to shipping delays. 

  2. Set Order Termination Times

    Setting an order termination time allows you to keep your shipping company, you, and your clients in sync. You can also provide rush delivery services for an extra fee to maintain your clientele. 

  3. Provide Custom Tracking

    You can employ a post-purchase platform that generates a tailored tracking page. A custom page also gives you the opportunity to provide beverage pairing concepts, product storage instructions, serving suggestions, and more.

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