After dedicating significant time and resources to marketing and sales efforts to close a deal, the last thing a business needs is to have a product returned due to damage sustained during transit. Choosing the right shipping box ensures that your products arrive at the customer's doorstep in good condition, minimizing customer complaints. 

The right packaging solution not only ensures safe and secure delivery of products to customers, but also helps businesses build a reputation for reliability. 

Here are the different types of shipping/storage boxes and when to use them. 

Small Cardboard Boxes

Small cardboard boxes are usually 12-14 inches in length and are easier to load and carry due to their small size. They are most suitable for small, heavy items (e.g., kitchenware, pantry items, appliances, etc.).

Medium Cardboard Boxes

Medium cardboard boxes typically measure 14-18 inches long. They are large enough to accommodate various household items, but small enough to carry to the delivery vehicle. Medium cardboard boxes are ideal for small to medium size items such as toys, picture frames, pots, vases, pans, bed linens, stuffed animals, and more. 

Large Cardboard Boxes

Large cardboard boxes are about 18-24 inches long. These shipping boxes are ideal for large, lightweight items as they can be too heavy to lift if overstuffed with heavy items. Examples of items you can pack in large cardboard boxes include pillows, toilet paper, clothing, blankets, bedding, paper towels, and more.

Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe boxes are an excellent way to deliver hanging clothes (e.g., suits and dresses) without wrinkling them. These boxes have metal hanging bars that make it easy to hang clothing inside. 

Lamp Boxes

Floor lamps are large-sized, uniquely shaped and fragile, making them tricky to transport. Lamp boxes are tall and narrow cardboard boxes that allow for the efficient packaging and shipping of these items.

Mattress Boxes

Mattress bags are often not enough to protect a mattress, especially when transporting it in a vehicle or storing it for a long time. The best way to protect a mattress is to use a quality mattress box. 

Telescope Boxes

Telescope boxes have separate top and bottom pieces that fit together to form a single box. The smaller piece slides into the larger one until the entire item is covered. Telescope boxes are designed to protect flat and fragile goods by preventing cracks and damage during transportation. They are ideal for transporting mirrors, flat-screen TVs, artwork, and more. 

Flat Panel TV Boxes

Flat panel TV boxes are the most appropriate packaging solution for small to medium size flat-screen television sets. They are usually long, rectangular-shaped cardboard boxes ideal for holding both LED and plasma flat screens. 

Banker Boxes

Banker boxes are suitable for transporting office supplies, including pens, binders, papers, file folders, etc. They have handles and lift-off lids to move all types of paper items easily. They are also stackable, making them easy to organize before, during, and after a move. 

Insulated Foam Containers

Insulated foam containers are designed to transport temperature-sensitive items such as frozen and refrigerated items. They are inserted inside a cardboard box and come with a foam lid that covers and insulates the contents, providing a protective layer against temperature fluctuations.

Dish and Glassware Boxes

Dish and glassware boxes are available in small to medium sizes, and have a set of dividers that fit inside the box. The dividers separate and protect fragile items while maximizing space in the box. These kits are the most efficient way to pack wine glasses, pack plates, and other stemware pieces. 

Choose the Right Box for Your Shipping/Storage Needs

The right shipping box eases packaging and transportation while providing adequate protection for your items during transit or storage. If you need assistance choosing a packaging solution, our shipping experts at Parcel Plus can help. Whether you're a business shipping products to your customers or an individual relocating to another place, we have all the packaging supplies you'll need. Contact us today or visit your local Parcel Plus for more information.