Tips to Avoid Package Thefts

The excitement of sending and receiving packages can quickly turn into disappointment when thieves target your deliveries. Whether you're eagerly awaiting an essential shipment or an exciting online purchase, having your package stolen can be frustrating. Here are some tips from Parcel Plus to help increase the chances of your packages reaching their intended recipients.

Tips for Online Shopping

With online shopping becoming increasingly popular, the risk of package theft is also on the rise. To safeguard your deliveries, consider the following tips: 

Understanding Notary Identification Requirements

Instances of fraudulent claims denying the authenticity of signatures on documents can lead to significant financial losses. To safeguard against such disputes, it is crucial for business owners, attorneys, landlords, real estate agents, and brokers to have their files notarized.

Notarization serves a dual purpose: ensuring accuracy and preventing fraud. Let's delve into what document notarization entails and the identification prerequisites for the notarization process.

Annex Brands, Inc. Franchisor Expands Retail Footprint into Canada

(SAN DIEGO, Aug. 23, 2023) Annex Brands, Inc., a franchisor of seven brands offering packing, shipping and business services, is pleased to announce its expansion into the Canadian market with the introduction of its Parcel Plus brand. Licensed and operated by Safcan Logistics, Ltd., Master Licensee of Annex Brands, Inc., the first Parcel Plus location in Canada is now open in Abbotsford, British Columbia, marking a significant milestone in Annex Brands’ North American growth. 

Understanding Economy Shipping

When you’re not in a rush, economy shipping may be the best choice for you. This option typically takes longer than standard or expedited options, but is much more affordable. Before choosing this option for your shipping needs, however, it's important to understand the details of economy shipping.

How to Ship to Alaska

People often wonder how they can ship to Alaska, searching for the best option for their specific needs. Finding the right shipping option can be a challenge, but not at Parcel Plus. Your local Parcel Plus has made it easier to ship to Alaska to fit your budget and timeline, given its partnership with several shipping carriers. 

Things to Know About Shipping to Alaska

When shipping to Alaska, here are some things to know that will affect your shipping. 

How to Ship Fragile Antiques

If you need to ship antiques either domestically and/or internationally, look no further than Parcel Plus. Antiques can be fragile, large, heavy, and valuable—make sure you’re taking every precaution when packing them for safe transport. Luckily, Parcel Plus’s staff are expertly trained on packing and crating antiques for shipping.

How to Ship a Guitar

Shipping a guitar means you're entrusting your fragile and valuable instrument to someone else for safe and secure transport. Guitars should be packed and shipped with extra care as they're delicate and fragile. So, how do you ship a guitar safely?

Here is the process of shipping a guitar, from preparing the guitar to packing and shipping it.

What Do You Need to Pack a Guitar?

Before getting started, you'll need some supplies:

How to Ship a GPU

Graphics processing units, commonly referred to as GPUs, started as a technology known for enhancing video game graphics. The use for GPUs has since expanded beyond video games into artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cryptocurrency due to the high processing power of modern GPUs.

How to Ship Frozen Food

Shipping frozen food requires proper refrigeration and insulation to ensure your products arrive fresh. 

Proper packaging protects fresh food like fish or cheese from extreme temperatures and humidity. It ensures temperatures are cool inside the packaging to avoid spoilage while in transit, saving time and money. 

Here's how to correctly pack frozen food for shipping.