Shipping a Mattress with Parcel Plus

If you've ever moved on your own, especially when dealing with stairs, you understand the challenges of transporting a cumbersome mattress. Simplify the process by shipping your mattress and bedding directly to your new home. While shipping a mattress involves more effort than boxing up clothes for a quick shipment, the convenience of avoiding the precarious task of balancing your bed on top of a vehicle during a cross-country move is well worth it. To minimize the cost of shipping your mattress, follow this checklist:

  • Measure your mattress: Understand the dimensions and weight of your shipment to plan your budget and select an appropriate box. Weights may vary based on the mattress brand and type.
  • Separate bedding material: Before packing your mattress, remove comforters, bed sheets, and pillows, setting them aside to be packed separately.
  • Disassemble the bed frame, headboard, etc.: If shipping your bed frame, package and label each component separately for easy reconstruction without concerns about missing parts.
  • Safeguard your mattress and box spring with layers of bubble wrap or packing foam: Place them inside a protective mattress case, and then into a cardboard box with a shipping label in an easily accessible location.


Ship Your Mattress with Parcel Plus

If you're concerned about adequately protecting your bed during transit, take advantage of our custom packing solutions to pack and ship with confidence. Since mattresses often exceed standard box sizes, we offer custom crating services to create the perfect box around your mattress.

International Mattress Shipping

Even if you need to send your mattress overseas, you can rely on the expertise of the Parcel Plus team to ensure its safe arrival. As a reputable shipping company, we can pack and ship anything worldwide. Our partnerships with air, truck, and ocean carriers enable each Parcel Plus store to choose the fastest, safest international shipping options. With real-time estimates and shipment tracking, you can monitor your shipment as needed. Our team can handle mattress shipments of any size and assist you in selecting the best delivery option for your budget, timeframe, and destination.

Have your mattress shipped securely and efficiently by choosing Parcel Plus as your comprehensive solution for specialty shipping. Our teams are well-equipped to manage commercial and industrial freight, capable of facilitating deliveries large and small. Request a free shipping estimate today to discover how we can handle your heavy, oversized, or bulky mattress and ensure it arrives as scheduled.