The excitement of sending and receiving packages can quickly turn into disappointment when thieves target your deliveries. Whether you're eagerly awaiting an essential shipment or an exciting online purchase, having your package stolen can be frustrating. Here are some tips from Parcel Plus to help increase the chances of your packages reaching their intended recipients.

Tips for Online Shopping

With online shopping becoming increasingly popular, the risk of package theft is also on the rise. To safeguard your deliveries, consider the following tips: 

Customize Delivery Instructions

Take advantage of any options provided by online retailers to specify where you want your packages delivered. Providing specific delivery instructions, such as requesting packages to be left at the back entrance or with a neighbor, can help keep your deliveries safe from prying eyes.

Use Shipment Tracking

Keep track of your deliveries using shipment tracking tools offered by shipping carriers. This allows you to monitor the status of your packages and arrange to be home when they're delivered.

Secure Delivery Location

Consider renting a private mailbox and utilizing package receiving services offered by Parcel Plus. With a private mailbox, you'll receive notifications whenever a package arrives, and your deliveries will be securely stored until you're ready to pick them up.

Shipping Precautions

When sending packages, take precautions to prevent theft during transit. Opt for signature confirmation to ensure your packages are received by the intended recipient. Additionally, consider purchasing package coverage to protect against loss or damage during shipping.

Package or shipping coverage won't deter thieves but will help you get compensated if package thefts occur. Declared value coverage* covers the value of the lost, damaged, or stolen items. 

Parcel Plus Can Help Protect Your Deliveries

Renting a private mailbox with Parcel Plus offers a secure alternative to home delivery and reduces the risk of package theft. Keep your packages safe and secure by signing up for a private mailbox today!

*Rules and Regulations Apply