Recycling is the best environmental solution of reducing waste. The increase in popularity of online shopping and shipping has led to a significant increase in padded envelopes, bubble rolls and poly mailers. The rules of recycling differ based on the type of material and the location. The post will examine how to recycle shipping materials like poly bags and bubble mailers.

Recyclable Packaging Supplies

Below are some common packaging materials that are also recyclable.

  1. Bubble Packaging

    Bubble packaging is a recyclable material even though it is primarily composed of low-density polyethylene (LDPE). However, it should not be placed directly in recycling bins. Because bubble packaging is a plastic film, it is considered to be a contaminant when placed in the recycling system indiscriminately.

    Materials that are made using LDPEs, such as bubble packaging, can lead to blockage in plastic recycling machines and can pose a significant threat to the recycling system. When recycling bubble packaging, make sure to separate it from “every day” recyclable materials and group it with similar recyclable materials that are made of soft plastic.

  2. Bubble Mailers

    It's possible to recycle bubble mail as long as the envelopes are made from paper. You can put them in recycling bins, but it's essential to ensure that they don't have any bubble packaging or plastic lining. 

    If the bubble mailers are made from plastic, they can be recycled with other plastic films like grocery bags and bread bags. 

  3. Poly Bags

    Poly bags can be disposed of in curbside bins, where they will then be taken to recycling facilities for sorting, cleaning, and processing. The plastic is separated into multiple categories, cleaned, and shredded. Finally, it is melted and compressed into small pellets, which can be reused to manufacture other product such as clothing, furniture, and car parts.

  4. Padded Envelopes

    Padded envelopes can be placed in regular curbside bins for recycling. If the bins only accept products made from paper, it might be necessary to get rid of plastic labeling. These types of envelopes can also be given away or sold as there is a lot of demand for them. Online selling platforms like eBay allow people to sell their padded envelopes.

    Padded envelopes can also be reused, and are perfect for insulation. For example, taping a padded envelope over a plant or crop can help prevent freezing during the winter months.

How to Recycle Packing Materials

The packaging industry relies on numerous materials for shipping, displaying, and storing products. For this reason, it is critical to have a good understanding of which packaging materials are recyclable.

Some of the common packaging materials that are recyclable include plastics, glass, corrugated materials, and paper. Some materials used in the packaging industry like padded envelopes, bubble wraps, poly bags, and bubble mailers need to be taken to various drop-off locations for recycling.

The most advisable method of recycling most packing materials is by reusing them. Plastic bubble mailers and bubble packaging can sometimes be recycled using the same processors that are utilized to recycle produce bags, plastic wrappers, and grocery bags.

It is essential to note that it is impossible to recycle most materials that are laminated using bubble packaging.

Parcel Plus Recycling Solutions

Parcel Plus is focused on protecting the environment, and that is why we provide clients with selected places where they can recycle materials like pallets and packing peanuts. 

Find a Parcel Plus location near you and let us guide you on how to recycle shipping materials.