Shipping your luggage to your hotel or new home can be a convenient alternative to keeping it with you while traveling. Here is an overview of how to ship luggage, why it might be a good fit for you, and how choosing Parcel Plus can help you start your next trip off right!

Why Should I Ship My Luggage?

Bringing your luggage with you while traveling is an obvious choice, but there are many factors that make this a less straightforward decision than it once was. Typical travel situations can make carrying your luggage less than ideal, and shipping it can often be an easier, convenient, and sometimes, less expensive way to get it where it needs to be. Here are a few key reasons to ship your luggage ahead of time:
  • Most budget airlines, and even many mainstream carriers, have begun to charge steep fees for checked and even standard carry-on bags, many of which are higher than what you would need to spend to ship your luggage to your destination separately. 
  • Carrying multiple bags around the airport and to your hotel can be difficult, especially if you are traveling with young children or have mobility challenges. 
  • Bulky items that you may need to bring with you are too fragile to be checked safely, such as large musical instruments or sporting equipment. Shipping these items in a sturdy box or crate can make them much less likely to be damaged.
  • If you are heading to college across the country or otherwise relocating, shipping your luggage may also be more cost-effective than hiring a moving company. 

Luggage Shipping Guidelines

Any of our major shipping carrier partners can be used to ship your luggage. Here are some important things to consider when deciding which option works best for you:


Travelers can use Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, and USPS Retail Ground to ship their luggage using USPS. You will need to consider how far your luggage is going and how soon you need it to reach your destination to determine which option will work best for you—these factors also impact the cost of your shipment. 

UPS and FedEx

UPS and FedEx provide expedited shipping options, which is excellent if you need to get your luggage to its destination quickly. These services also allow you to ship packages that weigh up to 150 pounds, which allows you to pack more, combine multiple suitcases into one box, and transport items that are heavier. UPS and FedEx also offer freight shipping options for larger and heavier items.

Choose Parcel Plus for Convenient and Professional Luggage Shipping Services

While you can ship your luggage on your own using any of the three major carriers listed above, it can be helpful to have a luggage shipping company handle the majority of the work for you. Parcel Plus specializes in convenient and safe shipping, as well as a wide range of other shipping options to help make your life easier. We work with all three major carriers, as well as multiple national and regional carriers, allowing us to help you ship your luggage in a manner that meets your specific needs. Contact your local Parcel Plus l today to learn more about our options!