Mother's Day is a special occasion where we can take the opportunity to make our loved ones feel appreciated and show them how much we care about them. Whether it is for our own mother, a friend's, or even a significant other's mother, Mother's Day gifts are often the perfect way to show your appreciation and love. If your loved ones are further away, you might be wondering when you should ship your gift so it arrives on time and how you can safely ship it.

Mother's Day Shipping Deadlines

The earlier you ship, the better—this will help ensure your package gets to your destination in time. When choosing a shipping carrier, take into account the ship-by date, delivery date, and the best rates for delivery. The ship-by date is the latest you should send your package if you want it to reach its destination by the Mother's Day delivery date. That said, there are other factors to consider such as the type of delivery, how quickly you want the package to reach its destination, and how much you are willing to spend. You should take into account the average delivery time for your shipping carrier to ensure your package arrives in time for Mother's Day.

In addition to paying attention to shipping deadlines, shipping fragile objects requires special attention. If the item you are shipping is too delicate, investing in a protective box might be worth the extra expense. The protective box should be reinforced with thick foam and preferably, with plastic covering as well. Taking extra precautions when packing and shipping your fragile items will go a long way in making sure they are delivered intact. 

Here are a few points to remember when it comes to shipping fragile items for Mother's Day.

Don't Use Oversized Boxes or Soft Envelopes

It's important to choose boxes and envelopes that will both properly secure your items and won't add unnecessary weight, which could result in increased shipping costs. It's best to stick with boxes or envelopes that are specifically designed to hold your item; you should also avoid overstuffing. 

Wrap Items in Bubble Packaging and Paper

It's also important to wrap any items in bubble packaging or packing paper before placing them in the shipping box. This will provide additional cushioning that will help prevent the item from being damaged in transit. Additionally, you may also want to consider including additional packing paper around the outside of the box to fill any gaps and reduce the possibility of items shifting in transit.

Include Fragile Item Stickers and Markings

When shipping fragile items, it's important to ensure that the package is clearly marked with fragile stickers. This way, the shipping carrier and/or handler is aware of the type of items that are inside the package and can ensure that they are stored and handled with care. Additionally, it's a good idea to write on the box to identify the package as fragile and include arrows to indicate which way is up so it can be properly handled.

Test Your Packing before Sending Items

Before shipping a package with fragile items inside, it's essential to take the time to test the packing and make sure it will securely protect your item during transit. This includes checking to see if any items are able to move around within the box, or if any bubble packaging or paper needs to be added for additional cushioning. 

In short, sending your gift on time and with the right shipping carrier for your needs will go a long way in ensuring your gift gets to its intended recipient in time for Mother's Day. Make sure to consider shipping deadlines, delivery dates and cost, as well as take extra precautions when packing fragile objects. Find a Parcel Plus near you, choose from multiple shipping carriers, and benefit from expert packing and shipping services.