We know how disappointing it can be to open a box and find the contents ruined due to improper packing—Parcel Plus’s expert packing services can reduce the likelihood of this occurring. At Parcel Plus, our expertly trained packing and shipping professionals handle and package your valuables as if they were their own. Whether you need to ship delicate antiques, computers or electronics, Parcel Plus can provide the packing and crating solutions to ensure your shipments arrive safely and intact.

Packing Materials Used at Parcel Plus

At Parcel Plus, we can pack your items securely to prevent damage during transport. We provide a variety of packaging supplies and solutions, such as:

  • Foam wrapping and support 
  • Sturdy shipping boxes & commercial tape
  • Recyclable materials
  • Custom built crates for domestic & international shipping
  • Bubble packaging

Make Moving Easy with Expert Packing Services

Working with professional packers at Parcel Plus can lessen the risk of damage and speed up your relocation process. Your items (e.g., home decor, dishes, fine china, furniture, etc.) will be packed effectively using custom-made corrugated containers. Parcel Plus also provides custom crating for the safe transport of your more valuable items, and takes into consideration their shape, size, value, and fragility. 

Professional Packing Process

Expert packing ensures that all shipments are packaged safely and can withstand their journey. It is also recommended that customers label each box and write a quick inventory of the goods within to ease the stress of unpacking and unboxing.  

It is important to remember that while Parcel Plus will expertly pack your items, each package should not weigh more than recommended. While overstuffing to reduce the amount of boxes needed is tempting, doing so will result in incredibly heavy, awkward boxes that have a higher probability of collapsing in transit. This is why it’s best trust Parcel Plus to pack your fragile, large, awkward, and valuable items.

Benefits of Packing Services with Parcel Plus

Utilizing a professional packing and shipping company will save you time and stress—especially if you have valuable items you are concerned about moving. With over 35 years in the business, you can trust that your packages will be securely packed or crated and shipped when you bring them to Parcel Plus. Contact your nearest Parcel Plus today and connect with a reliable packing and shipping provider.