While wrapping paper and bows get all of the attention during gift-giving season, it’s the packaging supplies that deserve the “oohs and aahs.” Boxes, bubble packaging, and tape all keep your gifts secure and in one piece—that’s why it’s important to think about which types of packaging supplies you’ll need before putting the final touches on your gift. Here’s a quick guide to packaging supplies to get you started.

Six of the Best Packaging Supplies

Corrugated boxes: When it comes to shipping, not any cardboard box will do—a corrugated box is necessary. Corrugated boxes are made of a three-sheeted material that is the preferred box of carriers everywhere. These durable boxes are known for strength, printability, and ease of recycling. You can find corrugated boxes of all sizes to fit your shipment.

Bubble packaging: Perhaps the most popular of the packaging supplies, bubble packaging does more than just entertain your children. It cushions and protects fragile items during shipping. Bubble packaging comes in a variety of sizes and differs in strength depending on the item being shipped. Anti-static bubble packaging is also available for preventing static electricity that can damage electronics during shipping. 

Pelaspan loosefill: Commonly referred to as packing peanuts or packaging popcorn, Pelaspan loosefill operates in much the same way as bubble packaging. The Styrofoam pieces protect shipped goods, no matter their size or weight. The material is also flexible, which allows it to fill all of the gaps between the item and the box—this prevents shifting, and cushions the item during shipping.
Packing tape: The last line of defense in packaging, packing tape keeps all of your hard work together. The most common packing tape is made of polypropylene or polyester backing, and is 2-3 inches wide when applied. Packing tape differs in strength, and you should use stronger variations for heavier, more expensive packages. 

Mailing envelopes: Whether you’re looking for the standard white or manila, or you want to add a personal touch, you’ll need to find the right mailing envelope for your needs. Shipping centers like Parcel Plus are here to provide you with solutions. 

Shipping tubes: Shipping tubes are commonly used for shipping artwork, curtain rods, posters, tools, golf clubs, and more. These tubes are made of the same material as corrugated boxes, and are capped on each end with a plastic cap. Shipping tubes are sturdy, and are a reliable way to protect shipped items while preventing creases and folds in more delicate items.

Ensuring that your items arrive intact is the most important part of the gift-giving season. You can find all of your packaging supplies at Parcel Plus, and we can even help you professionally pack and ship your items. Find a location today, or call the location nearest you for more information.