Packing electronics correctly prevents damage during transportation and can reduce shipping costs. Here are some best practices when packing electronics to reduce costs and maximize protection in transit. 

Boost Protection with Custom Shipping Boxes

If you want to ship electronics safely, use custom shipping boxes that perfectly fit the product's shape and size. This packaging method offers more protection than generic boxes by preventing electronics from moving around in transit. 

Use Cushioning and Padding Materials to Safely Pack Fragile Items

Fragile electronics like televisions, monitors, and projectors should be packed in well-cushioned and padded materials for extra protection in transit. These packaging materials are designed to absorb shock that could potentially damage items during transit. 

Mark Boxes as "Fragile" for Added Protection

While writing "Fragile" on shipping boxes won't always prevent your electronics from damage, it informs carriers to handle the shipment with extra care. 

Seal Boxes Properly

You always want to ensure that your boxes are sealed properly—think about what would happen if your package were to accidentally open on its way to a customer. It is recommended that you use water-activated tape to safely seal your shipments. This type of tape sticks like glue, making it tough to puncture.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship Electronics?

The cost of shipping electronics depends on several factors, including: 
  • Size and weight of the electronics
  • Shipping distance and route (ground, sea, or air)
  • Delivery time (same-day or next-business-day delivery tends to be more expensive)
  • Additional carrier charges (e.g., surcharges)
  • Tax and duties, especially for international shipments

How Long Does It Take to Ship Electronics?

The transit times depend on the carrier, shipping distance, and the specific service level you choose.
If you need help with packing your electronics and choosing the most suitable shipping carrier, find a Parcel Plus location near you for assistance. We work with reliable carriers such as UPS, FedEx, and UPS so you can choose the option that best suits your needs.