Tired of waiting in checked bag-check lines at the airport? Ship your luggage ahead of time! There are many advantages to travel shipping. You can save time, money, and energy at the airport, and minimize your risk of lost or damaged luggage.

What is Travel Shipping?

Travel shipping is when you have your luggage shipped through a shipping company directly to your destination. Several companies have stepped up in recent years to streamline the process of getting your items from your home to your hotel or other accommodations, completely bypassing the airport's luggage transportation systems.

Why Choose to Ship Your Luggage?

Why would you choose to ship your luggage instead of carrying it with you through the airport? For many travelers, this may simply be an easier means of moving through the airport, which makes travel and adventure more accessible. Any traveler should weigh the following benefits when deciding to ship their luggage:
  • No need to wait in bag-check lines or at baggage claim
    Avoiding the long wait to check and retrieve your bags can save you time and energy at the airport. Because checked bags are not always on the same plane as the passenger they belong to, you can avoid the frustration of arriving at your destination and waiting for your bags before you can move on from the airport.
  • Avoid lugging bags through TSA
    Not having to take your bags through TSA, or be worried about having your luggage examined by security, can mean less time in line and less anxiety. 
  • Avoid paying excessive airline baggage fees
    Baggage fees and weight limits can cause immense frustration, particularly if you have to check a bag unexpectedly. Having your luggage shipped before you even step into the airport means knowing exactly what your total will be, and gives you the flexibility to book a cheaper ticket.
  • Reduce your potential for lost or damaged luggage
    Unlike airlines, who have to juggle the needs of passengers, luggage and staff, shipping companies' number one priority is getting your items to their destination safely. Their experience and flexible shipping options make sure that your luggage arrives safely and on time.
  • Have large items like golf clubs ready for you when you arrive
    If you are traveling with large items such as golf clubs or personal equipment, moving through an airport may feel overwhelming. With travel shipping, you can send along the bigger items you would prefer to have ready for you at your destination without the hassle of carrying them with you or checking them at the airport.

How to Prepare for Travel Shipping 

If you plan to ship your luggage on your next long-distance trip, keep informed about how long domestic or international shipping takes, and what sort of packaging is best for your luggage. Make sure you keep personal items that you may want to use in transit, such as sweaters or toothbrushes, close by in your carry-on or personal item while on the plane. Pack your luggage early to minimize stress as your trip gets closer, and relax once it is safely shipped so you can enjoy your travels.

How to Take Advantage of Travel Shipping

Travel shipping could not be easier. Not only can Parcel Plus handle all of your shipping needs, but we are also ready and happy to answer any further questions you may have about travel shipping.
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