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Expert Packing Thank-You

March 15, 2010

Kathy Petty, a longtime customer of the Vienna, Virginia Parcel Plus took time to write a two-page letter commending the expert packing and shipping performed by center owner Pummy Sahni. “In our association of seven years there has never been anything broken, damaged, or even scratched,” said Kathy.

A German antique cradle was one of the first treasures Kathy entrusted to Sahni for packing and shipping from Virginia to her daughter in Florida. It had been her son Christopher’s bed for the first few months of his life and she wanted her daughter Lisa to have it before the birth of her own son.

“I was a bit nervous about shipping it, not only because of its worth as an antique, but also for sentimental reasons,” said Kathy. “But Mr. Sahni did a fabulous job to ensure the cradle made it safely to Florida.”

Lisa received the cradle and was impressed with its fine condition. “I’ve never seen anything packed so carefully,” Lisa told her mother.

Since the cradle, Kathy has entrusted Sahni with everything from rocking horses to fine china. Kathy’s son Christopher, who had long since outgrown the cradle, returned home from a tour of duty in Iraq and took a fragile glass shadowbox of overseas souvenirs to Sanhi to be packed and shipped to Texas. “It looked like it was packed with love,” said Chris.

Kathy says she is glad to have Mr. Sahni practically around the corner and looks forward to many more years of doing business with him—and Parcel Plus.

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