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Have you worked yourself into a position of prominence in the corporate world only to find that happiness and fulfillment hasn’t followed you? The freedom of owning your own business may be just the answer.

Starting a business from scratch, however, causes some people to feel that they jumped in way over their heads: deciding on the type of business to pursue, financing, and marketing are at just the tip of the iceberg. A Parcel Plus pack and ship franchising opportunity is just a click away.

The beauty of franchising is that it provides tried and true methods and ongoing business support as close as a phone call away. And who knows franchising better than Parcel Plus’ parent company, the International Center for Entrepreneurial Development (ICED)? Since 1967, ICED has helped thousands walk a new path of independence and prosperity through franchising.

If it is time to create a new beginning outside the corporate rat race, Parcel Plus has the blueprint for building a successful enterprise.

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Why choose Parcel Plus?

Does running from place to place to accomplish your list of errands leave you frazzled? Parcel Plus has a variety of services and products to cut down the number of stops you have to make. Parcel Plus is your one-stop business services center.